Friday, April 18, 2008

I Want My Fame In Gigabytes

My first computer was a Tandy I got at Radio Shack. It was eggshell white, the hard drive weighed half my weight, the mouse made my wrist hurt and you had to hit the keys in order for the keyboard to register. It also came with Windows 95. Remember Windows 95? I loved that operating system and I really enjoyed messing around with DOS. I actually read the instructions for Win95 and became really good at it. Of course, I didn't have the money to upgrade so I wasn't able to get Windows 98 or anything after 95 so I didn't know anything about the operating systems between 95 and XP.

My thoery is that Brutus' computer still has Windows 95 on it. And that keyboard does not look very ergomatic. It's also probably not healthy having the screen that close to your face. I also must note again that Brutus is not talking to anyone. Who's he looking at? And where's the mouse? Is Brutus left-handed?