Sunday, November 26, 2023

Even God Rested...

April 19, 1986
I have to admit that I like how snarky Art was toward church and the parson here. I'm sure most of the unfortunate would like to reverse their direction. Sadly, attending a church service, meditating, or singing a hymn doesn't help with that. You know what does? Money.

Can't a person just have one freaking day off? That's one thing I hate about life: I work all week and then I still have to come home and do more work--whether it's dishes, cooking, cleaning. I have a right to have a least one day where I don't have to do anymore work. And Gladys is home all day? Is there a reason she needs help? You couldn't ask him for help on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday? Because it was a holiday week, remember.

Ugh. This strip is angering up the blood.

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