Monday, November 13, 2023

At Least It's Only $1000

If Brian goes offline for 4 to 11 days, does anyone even notice?

I got quite a bit of writing done and since no one really seems to notice my absence on here, I should really just focus on that. Anyway, let's get on to today's comics. They're probably great.

April 18, 1977 
It's not even raining. Dome umbrellas look stupid but they are very practical because they also protect your shoulders unlike a regular umbrellas which don't protect your upper body and sends the water down your back.
And unlike the gutter bumbershoot which just shoots
the rain down your shoes.

Not even raining...

In his final role before passing away back on January 29 of 2022, Howard Hesseman reprises his role as Dr. Johnny Fever from WKRP In Cincinnati. "Booger!!"

The thing is, a lot of these robocalls do leave a message--whether it's a ship horn and a dumb cruise offer, or a Chinese lady screaming at you, or the amazing squeal of a modem, they'll leave a "message" and get you all hopeful that someone does want to talk to you but no one does. No one wants to talk to you.

People aren't calling you to give you money. Unless that money is shoved in some dog poo.