Sunday, August 20, 2023

Wilberforce and Butch Kapinski should just kiss already

Wow. Sounds like a really shitty car dealership, Brutus. I'd go somewhere else.

I like when hold music is actually good. Puts me in a better mood to talk to you especially since if I am calling customer service, something has gone horribly wrong in my life.

What? Why? Is that in the employee handbook? Why is it a fine? It's not like he's burning popcorn or microwaving fish.

As a character, we know very little about this guy except that he works with Brutus. But I'm pretty sure we all just assumed, just based on looks and our few interactions with him, that he was a terrible husband. Lo and behold...

Technically, I think Wilberforce looks like a combination of Gladys and the coworker from the previous strip.

Also, I want to point out that it's weird for young boys to be talking about looks unless it's in an insulting way ("You and your big forehead-looking ass!") and Brutus shouldn't be so excited because your worth isn't defined by what two nine-year-old boys think of you.

I absolutely love this. I love that Brutus put on his apron and chef's hat. I love Brutus and Wilberforce standing at the grill watching the book go up in flames. I love the book being on fire. I can just imagine tonight at dinner, Gladys asks: "Was that book a great help in making a healthier meal?" And Brutus responds with pink meat juice dribbling down his chin, "The book was a very important part of the process."

"Your mother should be glad we even have a guest room that is actually made up to be a guest room! I could've turned it into a mancave. It could be a room to house all your BTS merch. Maybe a game room for Wilberforce. But I agreed to a guest room even though I hate having friends and family spend the night!"

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