Sunday, August 13, 2023

Rancid & Lividea's Hawaiian Vacation

Headlines found during a search:

"Prices are going up and CEOs are making out like bandits"

"As inflation eats up worker wages, CEOs get a 7.7% raise"

"CEOs are driving Greedflation, raising prices to pay themselves more"

"How corporations are using inflation to take your money"

"One thing is beating inflation in this economy, CEO pay"

"How Excuseflation is keeping prices--and corporate profits high"

"Prices at the supermarket keep rising, and so do corporate profits"

So, no, someone doesn't have to be let go. You're just greedy.

And this, again, raises questions about Brutus' place in the company. Brutus seems really high up on the totem pole but gets paid crap. Who else is above Brutus? He only talks business with Veeblefester.

I just realized the copyright is 2018 so these are old strips and I've already commented on them. When this strip first ran, I made a long diatribe about voting and a special election in Ohio. This time, I'm going believe they are arguing about what the movie Barbie is about. Gladys believes it's a commentary on being a woman with sly commentary on manhood while Brutus believes it's about a girl getting her first period.

It's why Gladys is wearing pink.

Rich people have problems, too. *draws fake tear down my cheek*

I've never seen Brutus meditate so why is he suggesting it? "Have you ever tried meditation to help you relax, Chief? I personally haven't, but I've heard about it!"

I kind of thought these were reruns when I saw the preview for this strip talking about "superfoods" which is something people haven't mentioned since 2019.

If I were put in charge, I'd whip this place into shape and then steal money. Those moneybags are just sitting out for anyone to take. I doubt he locks them up.

This is Gladys' response to Wilberforce asking "What the hell is this?"

The Veeblefesters. Can afford. To pay. For their own trip to Hawaii! Although now is probably one of the worst times to win a vacation to Hawaii considering a good chunk of an island has burned down. That won't stop a bunch of selfish white people though.

If you would like to support the people of Hawaii and the residents of Maui, you can donate through the Hawai'i Community Foundation.

Here is the link to my original post for the first comic.