Monday, August 28, 2023

Ten Weeks? Well, I Need Two More

Are we still in August? And we always complain that February lasts too long despite being the shortest month. At least February doesn't normally have several consecutive 100 degree days. Anyway, there are going to be a couple changes as the (mostly) daily Born Loser posts return. Classic strips will return as well and the post will be posted here and over on Post. I hope to use Post for other writings and some history things as well when I get them written. Be sure to follow me everywhere on social media where I do slightly more than yammer about a comic strip no one actually cares about.

December 17, 1975
Lying about where babies come from is always an eye-rolling trope for me, although I will admit that I always liked when parents claimed they got their kid cheap from Sears or K-Mart. The children were in the catalog at the back after the guns and gun racks.

I've been back at school since the 2nd, the kids have been back since the 8th so pardon me if I don't care about how Wilberforce feels going back on the 28th.

And he gets a three-day weekend right off the bat!