Thursday, June 02, 2022

Tell Wilberforce To Get Milk

From what I know, the Thornapples only have one car. But Brutus typically takes the bus to work leaving Gladys to be able to use the car all day. Knowing this then begs the question: Why couldn't Gladys go get the milk? She's been home all day! Did Brutus take the car today? There's a corner store so couldn't Gladys walk? How far away is this corner?

I'm just exhausted with Brutus having to work all day while Gladys stays home and he's still expected to go to the store and pick up milk--while riding the bus, mind you. If Wilberforce was under the age of five or they had a baby, I'd get it. But he's not and they don't. Get the milk yourself and let Brutus rest when he gets home from work.