Sunday, June 05, 2022

Bluto's Just Strangling an Innocent Man...He Deserves To Be Twisted Into a Knot

We have a new writer/artist on the long-running Thimble Theatre/Popeye comic strip. Randy Milholland apparently was the most popular of the creators during the Popeye Cartoon Club run back in 2019 and is now the new creator for the regular Sunday strip. Congratulations, I hope your run is long and successful.

Yes, Castor's daughter is named Deezil.

Look, if you're trying to recreate the movie-going experience from the 1970s then charging $50 isn't part of it. Tickets were around $1.75 back then. Add on another $1.75 for soda and popcorn and you are still nowhere close to $50. But whatever, enjoy the movie guys.

Weird that Uncle Ted has the same living room setup as Brutus and them. He even has more places to sit despite Brutus' house having three people living in it. That TV looks precarious though.

Is Ian Petty's cat, Champion, okay? Does Ian think this
is his cat?

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