Sunday, December 05, 2021

Why Did Wilberforce Put the Radio In the Oven?

The word moron was coined in 1910 by Henry Goddard. It was originally used to describe someone with an IQ of between 51 to 75 but has since fallen out of usage in the psychological community. In the 1940s and into the 1950s, "moron jokes" were the go-to joke people would go to. The were meant to be insulting and usually featured somewhat dumb people doing dumb things. Why did the moron tip-toe past the medicine cabinet? He didn't want to wake up the sleeping pills. The moron joke fell out of favor in the late 1950s and was replaced by the knock-knock joke until around the mid-1960s when the elephant joke became popular.

In 1943, Milrose Publishing in New York published two digest-sized comics on Little Moron. The comics were by Abbott "Heck" Hoecker and (Ruth) Clydene "Ilda" Oliver. The first book featured Little Moron and the second book featured Sizstor, which I'm assuming is pronounced "sister". Hoecker passed away in 2001 in Rochester, New York while Oliver passed away in 1993 in Denton, Texas.

I can't believe someone would pay 35 cents for this thing back in 1943. Look, I'm not demeaning what Heck and Ilda did here, but 35 cents? That was an entire hour of work back then.

And there's our racial slur. That's enough of these. Onto today's comics.

Who knew that Curtis was in the pocket of Big Post Office?

Seriously, the post office is important. Go out and buy some stamps. I do and they last forever because I mail, like, one or two things every year.

panels from Hagar the Horrible
Is this one of Hagar's worst nightmares? Him getting cucked by a court jester? I mean, it doesn't even look like anything is really happening. The jester is just hitting Helga was his...bindle?

I don't know what dress Grossie bought but if it's anything like that blue one, she just wasted her money.

She's never gonna take off that niqab and we know it.

panel from Dark Side of the Horse
Ok. Why does Horace have pictures of Krazy Kat and the cat bus from Totoro on his wall? He's a horse, why is his bedroom theme "cat"?

Arlo & Janis
Sorry, Arlo and Janis. I don't care about the Army and Navy as branches of our military. I certainly don't care about them playing football.

The Born Loser
Wilberforce should've been given something to make an outline or a graphic organizer to help organize his thoughts. The teacher should also be walking the kids through this since assigning a book report to 4th graders is something that probably doesn't happen very often.

I said that was enough!

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(He wanted to hear hot music.)