Friday, July 02, 2021

Nitpicky Friday

Panel 1: Brutus, Gladys, and Wilberforce are sitting around a table, plates and glasses in front of them. Gladys: "Don't forget to eat your broccoli." Wilberforce: "Aw, but I hate broccoli!" Panel 2: Close-up on Gladys. Gladys: "I thought you said broccoli was your favorite veggie." Panel 3: Brutus, Gladys, and Wilberforce are all back in panel. Wilberforce: "It is...I hate all the other vegetables even more!"
Just eat your broccoli you little shit!

Like yesterday's "I came, I saw..." claptrap where it was supposed to be the segue into the joke, here we see Gladys using "veggie" in place of vegetable not because that's what you do or it sounds good but because Chip couldn't squeeze "vegetable" on that line.