Friday, July 13, 2018

The Sword In the Ceiling

My wife got a Rocketbook Everlast notebook at work earlier this week. It's something that you can write in, scan the pages to upload somewhere and then erase the page with water and a towel. I decided to try it out so I wrote a quick one-page story and then scanned it to my Google Drive. It worked pretty well.
Not an actual scan.
I would like to use it more because I like being able to hand write my stories and then I can just dual-screen from Google Drive or Evernote in order to type it. We'll see what happens but so far, the Rocketbook does what it's supposed and wiped clean like it says. No complaints so far. And now, The Sword In the Ceiling. Except for spelling, this has not been edited.

The door was open when I got home, which was odd. I know I closed and locked it this morning when I went to work. I walked inside and saw everything as I left it with one exception.

A sword was sticking out of the ceiling. The handle, a gold bejeweled thing, glimmered in the sunlight coming through the window. It looked like a real sword--a valuable sword which made its presecence in my home even stranger.

I went through the house just making sure everything was as I left it and that the sword and the door were it.

I grabbed the handle of the sword and pulled it out of my ceiling. I looked at it and how new but yet antique it looked. During my search of the house, I never found a sheath so where was I going to put this thing? I guess I could hang it over a doorway or something.

Why would someone break into a house and jam a sword into the ceiling? That's a question I don't really want to know the answer to.

I took the sword and placed it in a chair. I sat down and turned on the TV. I flipped around the channels until I saw the sword on a local news channel. "...Anyone with information on the missing medieval sword should contact law enforcement."