Saturday, November 11, 2017

Supercomics #7

On a distant and dying planet, Viktor and Tatiana were preparing to send their newborn child away. “He’ll be accepted there, on Earth, and be a god among men,” Viktor said, trying to reassure Tatiana, and himself, that sending him away to survive was a much better choice than keeping him there just to die. “You know it’s not fair to punish our son for the sins of his fathers.”

“We did nothing wrong,” Tatiana cried.

“And if there were time, we’d launch ourselves with him but there is not. We could barely complete this ship and it isn’t even assured that he will make it.”

The planet shook, one of the many tremors they had to live with over the last year, each day getting worse and worse. “Send him,” Tatiana sobbed. “Send him now.”

Viktor quickly sent off the ship with their child inside. Viktor and Tatiana held each other as they watched the ship leave the planet and fly across the black universe. Within a few days, the ship arrived on Earth, crashing into a field in Kansas.

“What in the world,” Eben, an older human asked when he saw the object fall out of the sky and crash into his field.

“Eben! What’s going on out here?” his wife, Sarah, ran out of their house.

“I don’t know but I’m taking the truck to find out.”

“I’m coming with you,” Sarah said.

They got in their old pickup truck and drove out to where Eben saw the crash. They found a smoldering crater and a small ship in it. “Some sort of contraption,” Eben carefully slid his way into the crater.

“Careful, Eben,” Sarah said.

“It’s some kind of rocketship or something. It looks like there’s something inside,” he carefully touched the window glass and it melted. He stumbled back a bit but got closer and saw what was inside. “There’s a kitten inside of this.”

“A what? A kitten?”

Eben carefully picked up the kitten and brought it out of the crater. “Who would do this to a poor, defenseless kitten?” he asked.

“Another country? Could it possibly be American?”

“There’s no identifiable writing on the ship. I would think if it was one of ours we’d be surrounded with guns pointed at us.”

“What do we do with him?” Sarah asked.

“We keep him,” Eben said matter-of-factly.

“What if he’s some sort of experiment?”

“Then the people who did this don’t deserve to have him back. Let’s get back to the house and we can figure out what to do with the ship later.”

They named the kitten Clark and raised him as their own. Being a cat in a human world was difficult but Clark prevailed. As he grew, Clark got stronger and developed a myriad of powers. It was clear that Clark was different from everyone. After high school, Clark went to college. One of his college professors became infected with radiation and became Nuclear Man. It was Clark’s first battle and how he showed the world what he could do. It’s also where he got the name Supercat.

Clark and his adopted parents designed a costume and Supercat officially made his debut. For ten years, Supercat took on everything from small-time crooks to genetically modified war machines like Hellstroke.

Then a parasite began crossing the universe. The red crystal froze everyone and everything and drained the life from them. Supercat tried to stop the red crystal after watching people panic and fellow heroes kill themselves. He failed. The crystal was unable to usurp his life but solidified him in the middle of space. Until Kon arrived and brought Supercat into this universe.

Now, Supercat and Grunge were on the streets of New York City bringing entire buildings down in one punch and killing anyone who crossed their paths. Rodham and Kon were enthusiastically watching the death and destruction from the ship.

The team arrived but stayed away from the fray. “We have to act quickly,” America said. “We need to split up--one team for the ship, another to the two on the street, and a third to save civilians.”

“I want the guy in blue,” Superkitten said.

“I can split between the other guy and helping civilians,” Geo-Whiz said.

“Okay. Smoke, help civilians. Everyone else, you’re with me and the ship,” America ordered. “Split up, gang.”

“We really need a team name,” Superkitten said as she ran off.

America and Agent Spider headed toward the ship. They were only a few yards away when Red Fish appeared from it. “Red Fish, you escaped,” Agent Spider exclaimed.

“I don’t think he escaped,” America said and barely dodged a punch from Red Fish. Agent Spider was able to web up his fist and eyes in an effort to slow him down. “He’s been brainwashed or something.”

“Well, how do we cure him?”

“My first instinct is to just hit him really hard,” America hit Red Fish sending him back a few feet.

“Alix would’ve loved to see that,” Agent Spider laughed. He shot more webbing at Red Fish, tying his wrists together. America grabbed Red Fish and pulled him down to the ground, slamming him into the street.

“Use your web to seal him in this hole,” America pointed. “Now, let’s deal with the ship and whoever else is up there.”

“I was hoping their fellow warrior would put up more of a fight,” Kon said, watching America and Agent Spider launching themselves at the ship. “The fish-man is down but not out. Rodham, take over for him.”

“With pleasure,” she said and left.

Once again, America and Agent Spider were near the ship when Rodham suddenly appeared. She used her trident to send America back down to the ground but not before sending him through a building first. Agent Spider tried to web her trident and pull it away but Rodham was stronger and was able to pull Agent Spider toward her. She grabbed Agent Spider and hit him numerous times before throwing to where the other two were dealing with Grunge and Supercat.

Agent Spider slammed into the pavement. He slowly pulled himself up and got a good look at the destruction caused by Grunge and Supercat. America pulled himself out of the ruined basement of the building Rodham had blasted him through. His suit was torn and he actually had a couple bruises and some blood on his face. “Wasn’t expecting that,” he growled.

From behind, something slammed into him. They flew through the air and a couple of walls. They hit the ground and slid along the road, tearing a narrow strip of rocks through the street. America got up, knocking whoever attacked him off of him. He quickly turned and saw Red Fish.

“Ugh,” America sighed. “Guess I should’ve punched you harder.” America did hit Red Fish harder and then harder, over and over again until he was finally down and unmoving.

Near Agent Spider, Geo-Whiz was trying to battle Grunge with rocks from damaged buildings and streets and from underground but nothing was working. Agent Spider motioned to keep Grunge distracted while he went over and then hit Grunge as hard as he could.

Grunge flew back nearly a block before landing hard on the street. America joined Agent Spider and Geo-Whiz. “This isn’t working,” he sighed. “They are too strong for us. Our power doesn’t even come close.”

“It’s time to take the gloves off then,” Agent Spider said. “I have a plan to stop these two and then we can help Superkitten with the guy in blue,” he explained.

Geo-Whiz spoke, “All right. Well, what’s the plan? We only have a few seconds before these two are on our butts."

Supercat inspired by characters created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.