Saturday, October 31, 2015

1300: Please Make It Tens and Twenties

Why cancellation? It's not because I'm running out of ways to snark on an aging legacy comic strip nor is it because of low readership. The main reason is because of dealing with a real job and focusing with my writing, LAMNB has been bounced around like a cow in a tornado. LAMNB was created as a jump-off for my writing and it's because of that reason LAMNB has made itself obsolete. Coupled with working along with The Point of Beginning, Liberty, Capt. Brian's Whiz-Bang and the many Story Series, LAMNB has been put on the back-burner many times or even placed on impromptu hiatuses.

Rather than let this continue, I am letting Losers Are Made, Not Born end it's impressive run. When LAMNB began, there were dozens of websites commenting on comic strips that were loved and read by a multitude of people. Today, only a handful remain with a select few maintaining the popularity that they had back in 2008. I owe part of my readership to them who so kindly linked to my website and make me feel like part of a small community.

Starting in November, #ElevenSeasonsAndAMovie returns along with the new anthology series Adventure featuring brand new Story Series that I have been writing. Incredible Comics will also return and Sunday Comics goes back to its original schedule. Also, beginning in January, a new website will be created featuring the return of Capt. Brian's Whiz-Bang.

If you really need to have your Born Loser hole filled, please continue to read it at GoComics or Like the Official Born Loser Page on Facebook where THE Chip Sansom sometimes gives us behind-the-scenes looks at the creation of a Born Loser strip and small history tidbits. As always, thanks for reading and please, tell your friends about this site.

That's clearly Wilberforce and Hurricane Hattie right? Why didn't they go to Brutus' house first? I mean, Hattie practically lives there some weeks.

Sadly, Wilberforce couldn't afford a truly licensed Batman costume and had to settle for a off-color knock-off. Or maybe he's going as Bat-Manga.