Friday, September 18, 2015

Liberty #54: Skin

by T.A. Wickersham; contains graphic scenes of sex and pornography

The scene ended just like most every other one they made—with Derrick ejaculating on some body part of the woman. The woman was on loan from another studio for this one video and had requested that Derrick cum on her back tattoo.

“And, cut,” Hal Dunavant, who was directing this movie, said. “That’s a wrap. We’re done for the day so you both can get cleaned up and have a good rest of your day.”

As Derrick and the other woman left the bare concrete room, Hal’s business partner and longtime friend Rich Findlay came in. “We need to do something different,” he said. “Revenue is down as are web clicks. People are also emailing and commenting that our videos aren’t as good anymore and are getting boring and repetitive. When people start finding problems with your pornography, you need to change something.”

“I agree. I almost fell asleep filming this thing,” Hal said. “And Derrick seemed drowsy as well. Had he been fucking Angela again, he may have fell asleep as well.”

“What do we do? We already pay money to borrow stars from other studios and offer photographs of models when we can.”

“I don’t know,” Hal said. “Maybe we can ask Reddington to float us some money so we can hire a couple more actors,” he suggested.

“And throw more money down a rat hole?” a man said as he walked in. He was a tall, boisterous and flamboyant man. “I don’t think I’ll be doing that,” he chuckled derisively.

“Aristotle,” Rich exclaimed. “So glad you’re here. I’m sure you’ve seen the numbers…”

“Of course. Why would I come down here if there wasn’t something wrong with my investments?”

“Well, we were just talking about it. We were thinking of hiring a couple new models or offering free membership or…”

“No! No more money. Find a solution to this problem using money you already receive and do it within a month or I’m pulling all funding and your website goes away,” Aristotle said then turned to leave.

Rich sighed. “Tell Derrick and Angela so they can be thinking of ideas. Try to think of at least three and maybe one of them will work.”

Rich ejaculated inside Colleen then slowly pulled out, squeezing his penis to get any remaining cum pushed out. He reached over and grabbed a camera. “Okay, um, left your legs so we can see your butthole and grab your cock with one hand and put your other hand on your boob,” he instructed.

Colleen grabbed her penis, making sure not to hide her cum that had landed on her stomach. She lifted her legs and Rich’s cum began oozing out of her butt.

Rich took several photos of his naked girlfriend then took a close-up of her cum-soaked stomach, dick and balls and leaking ass. “Thank you,” he said.

“My pleasure,” Colleen said and scooted out of bed. “Do you want me to make a couple more videos? Tranny porn always gives your site clicks a boost,” she offered as she walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

“Thanks but that’ll be our last ditch idea. You’re semi-retired and going back to school and it’s bad enough I have to continue photographing your dick just to get people to click on our photo site,” Rich explained and put on a pair of pajama pants.

“But you like taking pictures of my dick,” Colleen said sadly as she stepped out of the bathroom.

“I do but let’s face it, gender-bending dick pics aren’t going to save the website,” Rich got into bed. Colleen slid in beside him and wrapped an arm around him. “I haven’t even thought of three ideas we could use.”

“How much do you pay to borrow an actress from another studio?” Colleen asked.

“About two hundred over so an average of $1,200,” Rich answered. “Why?”

“Why don’t you use that money to pay amateurs to be in a porno?”

“What do you mean?”

“Put a submission form on the site asking viewers to become porn stars. A thousand dollars a video and it’s relatively easy money.”

“No one would do that and if they did, they’d chicken out before we’d start filming.”

“Still, you should try it. Just a form on your website could make all the difference. I mean, people want to see real people in their porn—girls that they could actually sleep with. If this worked out, you guys could become the kings of real-girl porn,” Colleen said. As she talked, she fondled Rich’s balls. “Some people may even want more than $1,000 and you can sign them for two, three or more videos,” she squeezed them.

He gasped. “Wouldn’t that be kind of like taking advantage of people?”

“People aren’t going to be in a porn to help pay for their mastectomy. It’ll be stuff like extra cash, vacation money or a down payment for something,” she stopped and put her arm back around him.

Rich thought a couple seconds. “It could work. If anything, it could delay the inevitable for a while. I’ll float the idea to Hal tomorrow. Thanks, babe,” Rich leaned over and kissed Colleen.

“Anything to help. And if you need me to make more videos, let me know.”

“We’ll see but I kind of like my cock being the only one allowed in your ass,” he clicked off the light and rolled on top of her.

“Again?” she giggled.

“You were the only who was fondling my balls,” he replied.

“So when people submit the form to us, then what?” Hal asked.

“I don’t know. I guess we can invite them down and interview them. Make sure they are good candidates to be in a porn,” Rich shrugged.

“Ooh! Can we have a back room casting couch?” Hal smiled. “You can get their information and mental status and I can make sure their body isn’t weirdly deformed.”

“You can’t use this as an excuse to get laid,” Rich said.

“They need to be comfortable and what better way to see if they’re comfortable by having them fuck a random guy in an office they just walked into?”

“I actually agree with Hal,” Angela said. “I don’t agree with the way he’s saying it but the girls will need to be comfortable doing this and maybe on-the-spot sex will help. If not, at least they filled out the form and came down.”

Rich grumbled. “Fine. It does make sense,” he said. “We should write a legal contract and post it on here. We can contact Aristotle’s lawyer and get something legal drawn up. Mainly to cover our asses.”

“I’ll go do that now,” Hal said, clapped Rich on the shoulders and went into his office.

The form went live shortly after eight at night after getting all the legal details figured out. It wasn’t until after midnight that the first submission came through. When Rich arrived at work, there were almost a hundred emails waiting. He was still scrolling through them when Hal, Derrick and Angela arrived.

“Did we get responses?” Derrick asked.

“Almost a hundred,” Rich answered. “There are a few that aren’t porn material but about ninety percent of these thing are men.”

“Hmm, I didn’t think so many men would apply,” Hal said.

“Given the right opportunity, men love to wiggle their penises around,” Angela said.

“We could do a gang bang,” Derrick began. “That might weed out the men who are doing this just to get laid for money.”

“Angela, you up for a gangbang if it comes to that?” Rich asked, looking up at her.

“Yeah,” she said. “I’ve had this fantasy of doing a group scene where there’s a guy fucking me in the ass and pussy and another in my mouth while I jerk off two others. If we can figure out the logistics, we could try to have another titty-fuck me.”

“Well, that video just wrote itself,” Hal said. “What about the women?”

“I’m gonna send them all emails and see if they can come in for an interview and if they still want to do it, figure out a time to do it.”

“I need to go online and see if I can find a cheap black couch,” Hal said.

“Calm your tits, Hal. I talked with Colleen last night and you are allowed to examine the guys and girls naked but unless they sign a release, you cannot fuck them,” Rich explained.

“What? Ah, come on,” Hal whined.

“When Colleen was started out, a friend of hers went into a casting room, didn’t agree to have sex and was raped. When she sued, the company said all auditions did that, her signed contract implied consent and countersued for breach of contract. We’re going to treat out performers with respect,” Rich said.

“Fine,” Hal sighed annoyingly and rolled his eyes.

77 men had submitted their information and Rich sent 77 email scheduling interviews. Only 13 showed up and half of them, thankfully, agreed to a gangbang scene. Five were ruled out and one was selected to be in his own video with Angela.

Only seven women submitted info and only three agreed to come in for an interview. The first woman, Bailey Harrison, was in her mid-to-late twenties with long brown hair and an average build. “Why did you sign up for this?” Rich asked.

“I have some debt to pay off before I get married—student loans and a balance at one of those furniture rental places,” she said.

“Ugh,” Rich sneered. “I hate those places. I had a friend in college who would attempt to get furniture from those places and I kept having to talk him out of it. So you want to be in a porno right before you get married?”

“I don’t want to burden Jim with my stupid decisions.”

“How much will you need?”

“3,000 for the loans and 500 for the bad decision.”

Rich sucked in air through his teeth. “$3,500. You’re looking at three straight scenes and a lesbian scene—that’s the quickest way anyway.”

“Can the lesbian movie be with a strap-on?” she asked. “I need to get rid of this debt. I want this marriage to be perfect because I left a really great guy to be with my fiancĂ© and I don’t want to regret it.”

Rich initialed the papers and made a note about the strap-on. “If you’re willing to do anal, we’ll pay more.”

“Even better,” she agreed, nodding.

Rich noted that as well. “Okay, just read these over and sign and initial at the bottom. The third page is an agreement that our casting director can have sex with you in order to see if you are ‘porn material.’ It has no bearing on whether or not your movies get made so you don’t have to sign it if you don’t want to.”

“Okay,” she nodded and signed the page. When she was done, she slid the papers back to Rich.

“All right,” he stood up. “Through here is the casting director Hal Dunavant. He’ll handle you the rest of the way,” Rich showed her through the door and closed it behind her. “That’s going to be one fucked-up marriage.”

Over the next few months, they got more applicants than they knew what to do with and views and memberships skyrocketed. Rich had seen all kinds of people come in from people who, for some reason, had star in a porno on their bucket list, to parents wanting extra money, to people wanting a down payment to people just needing money for rent or other bills. But there were people who Rich wished wouldn’t have applied—people needing money for medical issues got to him. Rachel Angus, a 27-year-old whose mother had stomach cancer, needed $60,000 to have a tumor removed. She had to be in nearly four dozen movies to come anywhere close. Rachel ended up doing a gangbang scene for $5,000 and walked away hating herself.

35-year-old Valerie Johnson wanted some extra money to save for birthdays and Christmases after her youngest son’s leukemia ate up what little money she had. She has become a regular performer doing a series of MILF videos but Rich didn’t like the circumstances she had to apply under.

“It’s bothersome,” he told Colleen. “Getting sob stories used to be rare but now it seems like everyday someone wants to become a porn star as a matter of life and death. And have I told you that two parents have come in giving permission for their underage children to be in a porno?”

“What? Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “What did you do?”

“I said ‘no’, emphasized that it was illegal and called the police on them after they left,” Rich sighed. “Who knew being a pornography producer could get to me so much.”

“Maybe you and Hal should end this,” Colleen suggested. “I mean, you have more than enough videos and members now. You even have several regulars who fuck regularly for you.”

“Hal and Reddington won’t have that. Reddington is making too much money and Hal is getting laid too often to end this,” Rich explained.

“Maybe you could hire someone else to take over for you.”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’ll die down soon,” he sighed again.

The door to Rich’s office opened and a young girl limped in. The left side of her body barely moved as she and another girl approached Rich’s desk.

“Hi,” she croaked and feebly waved with her right hand. “I’m…Megan…” her voice was soft but very stilted.

“Megan,” Rich looked at the list of people he had scheduled for today. “Megan O’Rourke?”

She gave Rich a look of confusion and assurance but didn’t break eye contact. “Yeah,” Megan confirmed but she didn’t seem sure.

The girl with Megan helped her sit down. “I’ll talk to him,” she said.

“Okay,” Megan said loudly.

The girl chuckled. “This is Megan O’Rourke, I’m her best friend Cassidy Stewart. About two years ago, Megan had a stroke and she is getting better but it’s been a slow process,” Cassidy began. “Megan has the opportunity to go to a prestigious speech therapy center over the summer but she needs $7,000.”

“Seven…?” Rich coughed and quickly ran through everything she would need to do to make that kind of money. “How old is she?”

“18. She’s a senior in high school,” Cassidy said.

“Does she know what she signed up for?”

“I told her,” Cassidy said. “I said she would have to make a few dirty videos but she could quickly make the money for the therapy.”

“Megan?” Rich asked her. Megan turned toward him, her left eye and side of mouth slightly droopy. “You would be making about seven pornographic—sex—movies to make $7,000. Is that something you want to do?”

Megan looked at Cassidy, a confused look on her face. Cassidy moved her head to signal to Megan. Megan quickly turned back to Rich. “Yes…sex…” she said. “Need money for…voice…” she waved her right hand in front of her mouth and neck.

“Has she…?” he directed his question at Cassidy but then looked at Megan. “Have you had sex before?”

Megan looked at Cassidy who pointed back at Rich. “Have…sex before…stroke…” she said.

“Megan lost her virginity a couple months before her stroke,” Cassidy said. “She knows what she has to do.”

Megan began hitting Cassidy and smiled. “Felt good…loved!” she said excitedly. “Loved Ryan…Stopped after…stroke.”

“He doesn’t need to know that, Megs,” Cassidy said.

“This isn’t about love or feeling good, Ms. O’Rourke,” Rich wanted to talk her out of this. “I’m not even sure how we would do this with your condition.”

Megan looked at Cassidy again. “She wants to go to this therapy center. When Dylan brought it up to her, it was her idea to actually fill out the form. She urged me to click ‘submit’ and asked me to drive her here. She knows what she is doing.”

Rich looked at Cassidy. “Looking at this from a business perspective, can you convince me that ‘stroke victim porn’ would be a good draw?”

“It’s not ‘stroke-victim porn’. Megan is young, cute and has good tits,” Cassidy reached over and bounced Megan’s left breast.

Megan turned away from her, blushed and screamed jokingly. “Stop!”

“You could even market them as an 18-year-old still in high school. That’s why you should take Megan,” Cassidy said.

Rich sighed. He reluctantly slid the papers and a pen over to Megan. “Sign these,” he began explaining what all of the papers were for. Cassidy and Megan went over the paperwork slowly and surely. As Cassidy read the contract to Megan, she got nervous hearing that she may have to have sex in the next few minutes but Megan signed each page, scrawling her name on each line. When they passed the papers back to Rich, Megan had an empty look on her face. “There is a back out clause that you can use if you want to and don’t let anybody, Megan, force you to do something that you don’t want to do,” Rich said, enunciating his words and looking at Megan.

Cassidy helped Megan from the chair and into the office behind Rich. Rich scrawled something on a Post-It note and stuck it to his desk. He grabbed his car keys and left the studio, slamming the door behind him.