Thursday, September 24, 2015

1283: I Never Bring People the Whole Bottle

Built in the 1830s or 1840s or 1870s or 1880s or 1900s, the Mudhouse Mansion stood abandoned in a field outside of Lancaster, Ohio for around 80 years. Over the years, the house developed stories of the paranormal--like many abandoned houses. Property owner Jeannie Mast tried her hardest to keep trespassers off of her family's property but on September 21st, a weight was lifted from Mast's shoulders.

Crews began salvaging what they could from the house and on September 21st, it was razed to its foundation. A piece of Ohio history, gone forever.

The Mudhouse Mansion, photo courtesy Bill Baker.
The Mudhouse Mansion, in the process of being demolished. Photo by Spencer Remoquillo, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette.

Ha! Brutus must be watching the Kansas City Royals game from the other night. I didn't watch it because sports are boring to me but people on Twitter were literally committing suicide over that thing and I was just like, calm your tits, it's just a baseball game.