Sunday, May 17, 2015

1193: Why Does Gladys Need Keys? She Never Goes Anywhere

Yesterday the seniors at the school I work at graduated. It was a short and sweet ceremony which is always nice. These kids were sophomores when I first started working there so they aren't my group of freshmen that I have seen grow and mature over four years but when I first started, I was in several general science classes which is a sophomore class. Afterwards, most of my classes consisted of junior and some senior classes so I was around this class a lot and, to be honest, of the classes that are in my school right now, they were my favorite. Coming in a close second, this year's sophomores.

Congratulations to all who are graduating and to the students of the University of Kansas, get out of my city.

I've never been a fan of the phrase "they're always in the last place you look" because when you really think about it, the phrase doesn't make sense. Of course my car keys were in the last place I looked because I found them so I stopped looking.

Why is Gladys so worried about her car keys? I've misplaced my car keys a few times and while it is aggravating, it's never made me break down like Gladys looks like she's about to do in panel five.