Friday, May 29, 2015

1202: He's Known Across the Land

Over the summer, I am going to try to get some things added and changed here. I have started a new Facebook Page for Tauy Creek. It's pretty bare right now but I'm hoping to get more stuff on it especially links to webcomics or writing sites. I am also looking for good recommendations that I can post on a page at the top of the site. Any relevant site is welcome so webcomics, comic books, television, writing, whatever is cool and updates regularly, so if you have a suggestion, let me know via Twitter, the contact page, comments or on Facebook.

I also hope to get a lot of writing done over the summer including a new series that is a little unconventional. There may be other things that I will add or change over the next three months, please let me know if you like them, hate them and make sure to tell your friends about this website.

Is there a reason that we are all being subjected to the back of this guy's head? Couldn't Chip put the guy behind the table facing toward us? Also, I don't know if you remember yesterday but Brutus looks like slightly disgruntled. I bet that Veeblefester asking Brutus if he was disgruntled and then threatening Brutus to be more happy at work made Brutus disgruntled.