Sunday, April 26, 2015

1174: I'm Good At Driving the Carts Too

I was going to comment on this strip on Friday but didn't have time and then on Saturday but I did the Bruce Jenner post instead so I'm going to mention it today. I looked up Kokosing Drive and discovered that it is a real street in Gambier, Ohio. Does Chip live on Kokosing Drive? Does Chip have a friend that lives there? Or does Chip know someone who went to Kenyon College in Gambier and just liked the name?

Some people who went to Kenyon College were President Rutherford B. Hayes, Paul Newman, Bill Watterson and Josh Radnor of How I Met Your Mother. Maybe Bill Watterson lives on Kokosing Drive! Everyone needs to converge on Kokosing Drive right now!!

Veeblefester asks Brutus to go golfing with him all the time. I think Veeblefester only does it because Brutus is bad at golf but still it's a pretty regular thing. I would like to see Brutus take Veeblefester to his favorite golf course and we learn that it's mini-golf.

Who knows. That may have already been done.