Wednesday, April 22, 2015

1171: In the Not-To-Distance Future...We Could All Be Living In a PixarFilm

Yesterday I went on a field trip with the students to the local grocery store and we talked a lot about the different kinds of jobs that make up the store and make up all the food that is in the store. We talked about the person who grows the food and the person who distributes it which made me think about a Mystery Science Theater 3000 short about truck farming from Encylcopedia Brittanica Films' The Truck Farmer.

Worship the Truck Farmer At the Church of Your Choice!!

I am all for conserving the planet because while I am a huge believer in the "Earth has always and will always be here" mentality, I don't believe that it includes humans. Earth was fine before humans and it will be fine after humans.

The main reason I don't want humans to go to other planets and attempt to colonize them is strictly because of Earth conservation. If we have Mars or the Moon or another place as a "backup Earth" then why save this planet? People who have the ability to will be able to leave while the others remain. I don't want our planet to wind up in some kind of Wall-E scenario because that movie was too long and drawn out and would've worked better as an animated short and I don't want that for our home.