Tuesday, February 10, 2015

1134: It Was Going To Be Such a Good Rant, Too

I was going to post something yesterday because I wanted to talk about the Grammys but I didn't get home until late and then I never got online and I have completely forgot what I was going to rant about. It was something about how no one who is expected to win ever seems to win anymore but I had something much more eloquent thought out when I was driving to work yesterday.

Instead of yelling at him for spilling coffee, why don't suggest he shove a napkin in his collar to help absorb the coffee or how about you get a Tide stain remover pen or have Brutus take off that shirt and immediately throw it in the laundry or try to clean it up with water? Why are you even getting mad at him? Sure, he's spilling coffee on his white shirt but you're the one that doesn't seem to know what to do to get a coffee stain out of a shirt.

That's not how splitting a check works.

Why even ask? Just pay for what you ordered. If you split something, then each of you pay half for it. God, why am I the only one who knows how things work in this comic strip?