Friday, February 06, 2015

1132: Wilberforce v. Gladys

For some reason, it seems as if TV writers, movie writers, really any writer, are under the impression that kids go to school at 9 or something. How many things show kids getting up at 6 and being able to eat a large breakfast, take a shower, finish homework, walk the dog and take their time getting dressed all before school starts? In reality, kids have about as much time to eat something small and throw on clothes then head out the door. Maybe if you have good time management you could cram all that in but you know Wilberforce doesn't have good time management skills so of course he's having a good day, he's only been up for ten minutes.

Wilberforce is really poking at Gladys. Maybe he's doing some research for Pope Francis on how hard you can spank a child before they start to lose their dignity.