Monday, June 30, 2014

For Those of You Who've Always Wanted to See Brutus Say 'Sexual'

Ugh. There comes a point where you just pull your kids out of the sport he's bad in. Although to be fair, we always get a different story about why the Weasels are a bad team. Sometimes, everyone is good but Wilberforce is bad. Sometimes, everyone is bad and Wilberforce is good. Sometimes, we don't know who is good or bad because it's just Wilberforce sitting on the bench and that doesn't really tell us anything.

Did Wilberforce shrink in the last panel?

I hope the therapist isn't charging Brutus for the time he's out in the waiting room compiling this stupid list. Isn't that something he should be compiling on his own time and not paying $200 an hour for?

I'm just going to assume that this strip admits that everyone is equal and that we all deserve to marry who we love no matter our orientation. I'm not looking too much into it, am I?