Monday, July 04, 2011

Ack! A Person of Color

Hey, do my devoted readers remember that I have a Twitter? You should go and follow me. Sometimes I say funny things but most of the time I'm an idiot and/or jerk. Should be great fun.

Speaking of Twitter, I announced over there that for Thursday Comics for the month of September I am going to post my five favorite issues of DC Comics' Action Comics which will be undergoing a relaunch during that time. I figure I should do something to honor DC ruining Action's run to 1,000 issues. Sadly, the issues will mainly focus on the post-Crisis continuum as I have very few pre-Crisis issues. More specifically 1987-2000. Hope you will join me.

I will be spending the Fourth of July in a park chowing down on awesome food from local restaurants and watching the fireworks over the Kansas River. Why isn't Gladys at the Fourth of July parade? Why does Gladys hate America?