Monday, July 04, 2011

#236: Sleep Well, and stay where I put you

I finished reading Graveminder by Melissa Marr which I wanted to read because of the cover. The cover really grabbed me and aside from a problem I described early on, it was a decent book. The plot of the book is the town of Claysville made a deal with who they thought was the Devil to not get sick. In return, people have to die so others can live and if the dead people are not minded, they come back to live to feast on the living so I guess they become zombies, or something similar.

The minding part is what the book is really about. Rebekkah Barrow is called back to Claysville after her step-grandmother, Maylene, is found dead. Rebekkah remembers that Maylene used to take her to the town's cemeteries, sprinkle some sort of liquid over the graves and say a "prayer": "Sleep well, and stay where I put you". You would think that would be a decent enough plot. A woman thrown into something she doesn't want to do and doesn't really know what to do trying to track down dead people wandering around the town. Sounds kind of intriguing but that's where the intriguing part ends.

Melissa Marr is known more for her Wicked Lovely series of books aimed toward the Twilight audience. Marr's first mistake, in my opinion, is the convoluted backstory the two main characters. While it was interesting at first, it became all those two characters talked about for chapters. Even when they were starting to make love (at least they made love in my mind). The next mistake was taking too damn long to catch the one dead person roaming the streets. I won't give away details but I don't know why it took as long as it did except that without the chase the book would've only been about 220 pages.

It was a decent story but it wasn't executed like it should've been. Instead of being a horror/thriller novel like one would think, Graveminder ended up being bogged by silly relationship banter that more deservedly belong in the Wicked Lovely series.