Monday, October 25, 2010

POB #222: My Mailbox Has Been Contaminated

HEY!!  Look what I got in the mail today:

Look how evil President Obama looks in that picture.  His eyes are simultaneously raping and eating your soul.  Ignoring the captions on the pictures, I, too, believe we should protect the young and elderly from our President (all of them, not just Obama) and justice.  Wait, what?

I remember getting this card (not actually addressed to me or anyone in my family or at this residence, just to a previous family "or current resident") during the 2008 election urging me to vote for McCain/Palin and other like-minded individuals.  What I don't like about receiving this waste of paper is that it only focuses on one issue out of dozens.  And I could probably tolerate if it was an issue that mattered.  Abortion and the fake death panels (which is coverage offered by Medicare) are seriously at the bottom of my caring list.

I'm not voting for any of these people even if they gave me $1,000 but if you look at the endorsements, there are categories where there are no endorsements.  Don't look at the issues, just vote the way we tell you to vote.  To the people who are actually swayed by crap like this:  grow your own brain.  Get your own opinions.  Spend a few minutes actually getting both sides of the issue instead of just being hypnotized by Fox News or MSNBC.  Have the Internet?  Spend ten minutes on Google looking up the candidates.  Don't just look at this idiotic mailing and decide "I'm going to vote for the people who don't want to kill babies."  I'm pretty sure no candidate actually wants to kill babies.

And I am so tired to anti-abortion people pointing fingers and judging people.  Why do they attack people who have made a conscious decision instead of actually doing good and volunteering for some at-risk teens or talking about safe sex or even doing a "scared straight" type thing where they scare people into not getting pregnant?  Because they want people to have those babies even if they are products of rape, will be living vegetables or will kill the mother and most are for abstinence.  Instead of actually offering real solutions to a problem, they complain and belittle anyone who may even hint at being pro-choice.

My question is how many of those protesters standing in front abortion clinics actually know someone who has had an abortion?  Do they know that the day you get an abortion is the worst day of your life?  You will never forget it.  You standing there shouting at me to be a man and telling my girlfriend that they will protect her if I am forcing her to do this isn't helping anything.  But I guess you figure if one person actually listens to your God-based fear-mongering, then you have justified your time on this planet.

But back to the mailing.  I fear for this country.  I'm afraid of the direction it might go in the next week and the next two years.  This election isn't about issues, it isn't about Republicans and Democrats, it's about reason and fear.  Compare ads between Democrats and Republicans:  Democrats tend to focus on how their opponent is a Washington politician and isn't good for the state while Republicans tend to focus on how their opponent "voted with Pelosi" and brought this country to its knees.

Democrats aren't innocent though.  Toward Election Day, you see Democrats showing the same types of ads noting how the Republicans destroyed our economy and mishandled Iraq and Afghanistan and ran up the deficit.  I don't care who ruined what during when when that person was in office--I'm going to do research and choose the person who I think is going to help.  Will they?  Past experiences and history says "no, they probably won't" but sadly, this is the system we have.