Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Heard of Photoshop? Join the Republican Party

Lynn Jenkins wants to stop Kansas from going off a cliff.  She also wants our country to not go off a cliff.  According to her, Washington spending is out of control.  She, as a CPA, who can earn between $45,000 and $110,000 a year depending on experience, knows the importance of living within our means.  The Kansas Republican Party sent me a mailer the other day wanting me to vote for her.  It's quite an expensive piece of mail.

OMG!!  People who love Obama are able to levitate their car over the guardrail but not the bridge railing!!  According to Jenkins (and the KRP), the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is a failure despite that most of the $862 billion dollars went to tax cuts, the States to help pay for unemployment cases and infrastructure.  Jenkins, showing she does not waste taxpayer money, also cut her own budget by $85,000 in 2009 and will cut $200,000 in 2010--probably by firing people, thus adding to the unemployment.  Also, $200,000 is just 13% of her budget.

The mailing also says Jenkins has commonsense to have voted against "Obamacare" (which will be the only time I use this derogatory word in a non-joking manner on this blog).  No, the health care bill is not good.  But it's a start.  I'm still wondering why they just didn't promote it as Medicare-for-all.  People love Medicare.  I should know.

What's funny about Jenkins "watching out for Kansas taxpayers" is that she doesn't.  There is proof that she doesn't.  Jenkins spent $422,000 on heavy cardstock, glossy promotional mailings in 2009--three times the amount of the other Kansas representatives COMBINED.  Yet, she came in $100,000 under budget which in most cases, you would then lose that money the next year.  The Office's Oscar Martinez explains.  I'm pretty sure she didn't lose that money.

I don't want Kansas to go over a cliff either especially a cliff like the one on this mailing which you can tell is located in Kansas--I think near Dodge City, maybe Morton County.  I will not be voting for Jenkins--I didn't vote for her in 2008, so why would I now?  I will however be voting to allow people with mental illness to vote.

I guess I should post an editorial cartoon since I'm going to place this in the Editorial Cartoon column.

Whatdyaknow, the black guy's racist.