Thursday, June 03, 2010

It's Like the TV Series, In Comic Form

Comic books based on TV shows or real people tend to be kind of...terrible. Especially since most of those book were written in the 1950s and 1960s where everything tended to be kind of whitewashed. These I Love Lucy Comics are no different. I read through all the Lucy comics my mom owns and all the stories were terrible and the artwork wasn't much better. Fred (William Frawley) looked neither like Fred nor William Frawley no matter how hard you tried to see the similarities.

I like "I Love Lucy" the series but the show kind of falls apart when you actually think about the plots.  Ricky (Desi Arnaz) abuses his wife quite a bit and there are routinely people willing to lose their job just for the sake of a stupid practical joke.  But the show is good for a quick laugh but these comics are not.  A lot of the stories you don't even know ended until you're suddenly reading one of the many adventures of Cyril Shy.  Anyway, here are some Lucy comics and covers for you.  Enjoy.

I honestly don't know what the hell is going on in this story and I'm pretty sure the writers just throw in Ricky's "Ay-ay-ay" because they were afraid readers would forget that he's supposed to be Ricky Ricardo. Also, if going by the show, it should be "Ay-yi-yi" not "Ay-ay-ay".

These are pretty decent comic book photos (although the look Lucy is giving Ricky on this cover kind of weirds me out) but you can tell that the photos used for the covers were not all important as long as Lucille Ball was somewhere on the cover. There are a couple where she is not even looking at the camera which could be an artsy thing but I'm thinking the photos were the bad shoots from various publicity appointments. I am wondering if the nameless artist who worked on these comics actually watched the show. None of the characters, except for maybe Lucy, look like they are supposed to.

There also is very little of Ricky at the club which is kind of a disappointment because they showed Ricky at the club in just about every episode.
This little whatever-this-is is the inside front cover of to #7. In case it's not obvious, none of these pictures were used in the series with these words.  I'm wondering why Lucy went ahead and planned to have a second dinner after having her surprise birthday dinner.  Unless dinner is a euphemism for something which if it is it violates the DELL Seal of Approval of producing only quality family-friendly comics.

I'm pretty sure my left eye has stopped working after looking at the suit Ricky is wearing at the end of the story. Also, how many damn times are the Ricardos going to get new furniture? I'm pretty sure they got new furniture at least three times on the show. Who know the end of this comic by the end of the first page? Almost all of you, that's good. And really Lucy? You thought a man named "The Double Dealer" would be trustworthy? But it's not really Lucy I'm disappointed in, it's Ethel. For same, Ethel. For shame.