Monday, March 29, 2010

It's In the Last Place You'll Look

Lisa Benson 03-29-10
After the health care bill passed last week and not causing America to sink into the oceans, Democratic Senators received threats against themselves and their families. Now,you can take this comic two ways: 1)The GOP knows how to scare people and have spent the last 9 years literally fearing for their families; and 2)Bin Laden is making threats toward us again and the Democrats are too busy screwing around with health care to care or notice. Bin Laden has been making threats since the mid-1990s. It's not like we had a peace treaty with him and he's violating the terms of that. Like most everyone in the country, I have more important to do than worry about my family being in a terrorist attack. (Really? Do people actually worry about that?)

Born Loser 03-29-10
Meanwhile, Brutus has lost his glasses. We not certain about the whereabouts of the glasses but Brutus has narrowed it down to not in the car and not in the immediate vicinity showcased in these panels.