Monday, March 08, 2010

Cameron's Not King of the World Anymore

Born Loser 03-08 Edit
Did anyone see the James Cameron stroke-fest last night at the Oscars? It seemed as if everybody who won an Oscar for Avatar thanked James Cameron. FYI, you won that award, not him. I'm just glad he didn't win director or best picture because I'm pretty sure the Kodak Theater wouldn't be able to contain his big head and it was already crowded enough in there with both Mo'Nique and Gabourey Sidibe in the audience*.

I've been very busy getting writing done along with other things and work so posts may be few and far between over the next week or so. I hope to have Stull #2 up tomorrow and Seven #18 (the season finale) up this weekend and I am still working on getting at least two new features ready for April and getting something written for Liberty #10 by the end of March.

Now I'm off to start the day. Laters.

*That was mean. Both are fine, talented actresses who prove you don't have to be drop dead gorgeous in order to win acting awards. Congrats on Mo'Nique's Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and Gabby's nomination. I'm sorry Sandra Bullock won. That was a shame.