Monday, March 29, 2010

Harter Union: Part Three, Chapter 2

“Oh, yeah! I’m gonna have a lot of sex in this bed!” said Heather sitting down on the bed and bouncing on it a couple of times. “Yeah, I’m definitely moving in.”

“So your parents won’t mind you living with an older guy?” I asked.

“Oh, they’ll hate it but that’s one of the reasons I want to move out. Have lots of sex and piss off the parents.”

“At least you have your priorities straight. I only have one rule: no sex on each others bed.”

“I can handle that. Can I move in tonight?”

“Sure. I’m not gonna be here, I have to go to Nathan’s dance recital,” I smiled and tried to keep from laughing, “but you can stay here tonight and tomorrow we can bring your stuff over and possibly go shopping.”

“Great. That’s fine. Wait…Nathan is in a dance recital?”

“Yeah, I know, it doesn’t add up with me either,” I said.

“So is Maggie all right with this?” asked Heather.

“Yeah, she’s going to the recital too.”

“No, I mean us living together. Another girl is living with her boyfriend, I don’t have much experience in this but I would be pretty peeved about it.”

“What’s to be peeved about? She didn’t want to move in and there are worse people I could be rooming with.” I glanced at my wrist, which had no watch on it, and sighed, “I gotta leave but I’ll be home sometime around midnight, okay?” I left Heather’s bedroom and dashed downstairs to my Jimmy.

After the recital, Maggie, Jason, and I went backstage to congratulate Nathan and found Alyson already back there. “You got back here fast,” I noted.

“I was able to push myself through rather quickly,” Alyson tried to smile but instead both of them looked at me as if they were guilty of something.

“We’re going over to the Union and raid it if you two want to join us,” I invited.

“Sure, we’ll be there in a little bit,” Nathan replied.

“All right, great job Nathan. I loved it…you queer,” I chuckled and we all left leaving Nathan and Alyson alone in the dressing room.

“They almost caught us,” Alyson said, “We just need to tell them.”

“But this is much more fun…” Nathan leaned down and kissed Alyson. She wrapped her arm around him and pulled him closer to her.

I burst back into the room. “What do you want, pizza or chicken strips?” I saw Nathan and Alyson kissing and stopped in my tracks. “Daah!” I stammered.

“Jeff, I…oh, crap,” Alyson said.

“What are you two doing?” I asked, shifting my eyes into a look of perversion.

“We…uh, we’re dating,” Alyson said. “For the last couple of weeks. We wanted to tell everyone but we weren’t sure how you would take it.”

I didn’t know what to say as I looked at Nathan and Alyson. I wondered what Nathan saw in Alyson but I was happy for them. Although I did feel that they were making a huge mistake and the look on my face went from shock to disappointment. “Why would I be mad? Congratulations to the both of you and I’m sure you’re both going to be very happy together.”

“I’m glad we don’t have keep it a secret anymore. It was really starting to eat at me,” Alyson said.

“So what do you guys want, pizza or chicken strips, because those are the easiest things to cook,” I reiterated.

“Whatever everybody else wants. We’ll be there in a minute or so,” Nathan said.

I nodded, backed out of the room and shut the door. I left the auditorium and stood in the parking lot between Rice and the Union. “Huh…” I breathed, confused. I shook my head, walked over to the Union, and entered through the back door.

“So bagels and a sandwich bar?” I asked as I finished off my grape juice.

“Yes, put those in and this place should have everything a cafeteria needs,” Alyson said, her head resting on Nathan’s shoulder.

“I’ll see what I can do and thank you for all of your ideas.” I glanced over at the clock on the wall and then looked at my wrist, which had no watch. “We should get home. I have a lot of work tomorrow.”

“No you don’t,” said Maggie.

“I know but I couldn’t think of anything else to say to get us the hell out of here,” I smiled as I got up from the chair and kissed Maggie. I went up to the belt and set down my plate and cup. The others followed and we walked through the kitchen and out the back door. We all said our good-byes and parted ways.

Maggie and I walked close together to my car. “They make a cute couple don’t they?” Maggie noted.

“Eh, I guess. I don’t think they mesh.”

“You know the saying opposites attract. I think it’s nice that they both have found someone. It’s like us.”

“No it’s not.”

“It’s kind of like us because we don’t seem to pair up but here we are,” Maggie said.

“What are you talking about? We’re together because of a long felt respect and appreciation for each other. They’re together because they obviously had nothing to do.”

“Must you dump on this like that?”

“If I don’t, people might think there’s something wrong with me,” I opened the passenger door to my Jimmy, helped Maggie in and kissed her.

Heather has her first night out after moving in with Jeff; the staff comments on Cole Bronson and Wendy meets someone on the Internet.