Friday, February 05, 2010

Editorial Comics Review (2/5/10)

So the Kansas legislation is working harder than they ever have before. I can't remember them working this hard before. So what are they working on? Well, in an effort to help the Kansas citizens, who are being inundated with growing unemployment, lack of new jobs and school districts not being able to get paid, the legislation have taken up the daring tack of banning K2, a legal smoking herb that supposedly mimics the effect of marijuana, and creating a state-wide smoking ban that basically overrides any local smoking ban already in place.

So instead of dealing with the big problems the Kansas legislation is wasting time banning a legal substance, screwing over cities with an already effective smoking ban in place and avoiding the problems that are actually hurting our state. I've made my voting decisions for state offices for 2010 and 2012 and it's not going to be the people in power right now. Anyhoo, now onto the comics.

by Rob Rogers 1/31/10

I have still not donated money. What more can we do? We have stuff over here we need to focus on. It's horrible what's going on down there but there is only so much we can do--we can donate money until the buffalo poops but it's up to Haiti to use that money to fix their country.

by Jerry Holbert 2/4/10

Have you noticed that whenever Republicans find a new "golden boy" they immediately consider running him for president? Bobby Jindal was looking pretty good until that exorcism thing and looking like a bellboy in a fancy hotel during the Republican response to Obama's address to Congress. So did Sarah Palin until people realized that she's an airhead and causes more embarrassment for the party. Scott Brown's looking good right now because he was elected to fill a Kennedy's seathole. Who will be the next "golden boy"? I'm sure we'll find out in November 2010 when several Senatorial and gubernatorial elections take place.

by Jerry Holbert 2/2/10

Gee, who knew that it cost money to run a country that is ass-deep in war, having to pay into proven failed systems such as Social Security and Medicare, have to spend money on both commerce and the economy because those are where we're hurting pretty hard but just the normal amount of money we spend just to actually run the country.

For you idiots out there who are complaining about how the country is being run, if you feel that you can run it better or reduce spending then I am sure they would love to hear from you.

by Henry Payne 2/3/10

Henry Payne sure loves to draw cars. I think that if this happened to an American car, we would not be hearing about it as much but the fact that it's a foreign car so soon after the cash for clunkers thing, of course the jerks that are our news media are going to grab this story and run with it.

Cars are recalled all the time for many reasons and if a car is recalled then you can get the problem fixed at no cost to you. I'm sure people are more upset that the recall was for something that could potentially kill people just like the Ford/Firestone tire recall. Toyota is fixing the problem and I'm sure it won't happen again. Can we just move on?