Friday, February 12, 2010

Editorial Comic Review (2/12/10)

So the big thing happening right now in Lawrence is the possibility of closing schools because the district cannot afford to keep them open. The schools on the chopping block are Cordley and New York Elementary. Back in 2003, the district closed three other schools in an effort to save money: Centennial, East Heights and Riverside. I went to school at Centennial and I could never understand why they closed Centennial, it was a newer school (built in 1954), near the high school and had plenty of space to expand if needed. Turns out it's because one of the guys on the school board went to Cordley and fought to keep it open. Apparently no one pointed out to him that Cordley has outlived it's usefulness. Cordley was built in 1911 and is wedged between two streets and has no room to grow. What hurt was the closeness of Centennial to Cordley, being separated by only about five blocks or so. But now that Cordley is closing, no matter what, the same guy that fought for Centennial's closing is now saying that closing schools isn't the answer. While I agree, he is not apologizing for closing those three schools in 2003 or giving any other reason why it isn't the answer. I, personally, cannot wait until Cordley closes.

In other Lawrence news, plans for a hotel at 2nd & McDonald Dr. is in the works. Look at this map to see why that's probably a bad idea. The planned hotel is in blue, existing hotels in red.

by Robert Ariail 2/12/10

What does Iran have to gain if they nuke us? Aside from bragging rights, the most they would accomplish is helping us stop fighting in Iraq by moving our soldiers to the east into Iran. If Iran does develop nuclear weapons it will be to threaten smaller countries they don't like in hopes that America will attack them first which will justify them possibly using their weapons.

by Robert Ariail 2/11/10

Sarah Palin using notes she wrote on her hand is comical because it's like she's back in junior high when you would write notes on your hands for a test or write a phone number on your hand. I've never understood why using a teleprompter is bad. It allows people to continue to stare ahead at their audience and not have to look down at papers or notes. I'm not a fan of the teleprompter and would rather write stuff down so, in mid-speech, I could change things I deem not-suitable. Oh, and for all you Obama-bashers who hate that he's using a teleprompter, here is a picture of George W. Bush during the 2007 State of the Union Address using teleprompters:

by Jerry Holbert 2/10/10
So Marvel Comics has to apologize to tea baggers for calling them "nut jobs" and racist" but Jerry Holbert here can draw the tea baggers as the insane population of Wonderland and nothing happens? Whatever.

by Bill Day 2/10/10

I haven't been paying attention to China's economy but hear it's doing better than ours. Probably because 75% of everything in America is made in China. I think the point of this cartoon is that Americans like seeing other countries fail especially when we are failing too.

And now, more news. This will be the last Editorial Comic Review. While I will still review editorial cartoons as I see them and have something to talk about, the ECR will no longer be a recurring part of WTS. If the ECR remains popular it may return in the summer but due to some upcoming circumstances, I will have to retire the ECR for now.