Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April 1st Reflections

Over 5,000 views. Wow. I never thought I'd be doing this that long but earlier this year I made a goal to reach 5,000 views by my birthday (mission accomplished) and my long-term goal is to get over 10,000 views by the end of the year.

I read a lot of comic mockery pages and I've noticed that the ones that do more than just one comic like The Comics Curmudgeon, Daily Comics Review, Dean's Comic Booth and The Blog of Comics and Other Stuff don't talk about The Born Loser and while I would like to think that it's out of respect, it's probably because Loser is a terrible strip that offers no originality or humor to the comics pages. You have to be crazy to want to read and make fun of this strip every day for over a year (and want to keep it going). Luckily, I'm now getting the psychiatric help I so badly need.Also, in regards to the poll, we have a tie between Veeblefester feeding Brutus calcium deposits and Veeblefester forcing Brutus to lick his clitoris that is so (in?)conveniently placed on his hand. Let us all hope for more awkward panels like that in the future. But now onto today's strip in which Wilberforce looks like a very old, very short man.

Born Loser 04-01-09
I expected a really bad April Fool's joke for today. I have to give Chip credit then. But then seeing Wilberforce in the second panel forces me to take the credit away again. I'd almost rather see a very bad joke and/or pun. Oh, well, at least today's strip is funnier than last year's.
Born Loser 04-01-08

Also, April is still Sexual Assault Awareness Month, just go to