Monday, June 30, 2008

Now I Want Coffee

OK, so the guy's not bisexual but he's better: he's homosexual. At least what's-her-name is honest in that she only wants to use him to "quench her own desires". Which actually is kind of disturbing to read in a comic strip.

Sweet Lord, is this flashback done yet? I don't care how Oop met Dinny. What about Oop's birthday that unfortunately led into this storyline. Can we get back to that plot now?

Great parenting. They won't let Brad live with Toni but they will let him live with that grinning pervert TJ.

If you're going to have someone try a different kind of coffee, get them a white mocha or something more espresso-y. Coffee with hot milk is something we can make at home. Get something more elaborate and flavorful.