Thursday, June 05, 2008

Is Ripley Lying? Plus, Brutus' Job

I took a gander at today's Ripley's Believe It or Not (that's still being published?) and wanted to make sure everything was true.First up, Rio de Janeiro was once the de facto capital of Portugal which is actually an interesting fact. Secondly, de Martinville did predate Edison by about 28 years. Take that Edison. Think you're so great... And lastly, the thing about the Magna Carta is also true. You win this round Ripley.

I don't get the joke. Is it that not everyone is depressed when it rains. I'm not depressed when it rains. For once, Pearls Before Swine has confused me.

Also, this......has actually happened to me. I started talking to this girl who said she didn't have a boyfriend then found out later she had a husband. Good times had by all. I go home alone and she goes home to a husband.

Oh my God!! Veeblefester's multinational conglomerate that puts the Wal-Mart Corporation to shame makes tea cozies? Really? REALLY? I'm gonna start focusing on Girls & Sports, today's strip really makes me ashamed of The Born Loser. Even more so than usual.