Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm Not High-Tech Either But I Can Create Hyperlinks

Instead of commenting about today's strip which jokes that Brutus is not technologically savvy I've decided to look over other comics which are probably a lot funnier than TBL.

Diesel Sweeties
My eye caught the title of this comic so I had to see what it entailed. I'm now confused. Is the person in the black shirt a guy or a girl? I'm assuming it's a guy because there is no evidence of breasts and it has a mullet and the only girls I've ever seen with mullets are on Cops or in Missouri.

Why the hell is B.C. still being published? Johnny Hart died in April 2007 and the comic strip hasn't been good since the 1980s. Apparently Hart's daughter and grandson have taken over the strip. And I'm sure it's just as good as it was when Johnny Hart was the cartoonist.

Pearls Before Swine
Ah, PBS. They can always give me a chuckle. And this one is no different.

Off the Mark
I wish I had a sense of humor like this. Maybe I'd have more friends. But does anyone else find it strange that everyone is basically walking around naked?