Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I've Never Seen a Doctor Wear a Head Mirror

When I went to to get today's BL I noticed that today's feature was a comic strip called Secret Asian Man. I had originally thought it would be mild racist fun but instead I find some weird Japanese drawn apparently superhero comic strip. The premise has intrigued me so I'm going to see how the strip progresses. I mean, honestly, the Naruto reference is stretching the boundaries of comic strip age-limits.

And onto today's strip. Gladys is apparently feeling a little tingle in her left arm and has gone to the doctor. She states that vegetables are a part of her regular diet--vegetable oil that is!! But this isn't a laughing matter Gladys. The size and shape of your body indicates you only have a few more years on this good planet so I suggest you start eating healthier and exercising. Hop to it!!