Collected Editions

Enjoy selected collected editions of Story Series that ran on Tauy Creek in handy-dandy chronological order. More series will be added as they are completed. Keep checking back for updates.

Catman: The Order of St. Constantin
Dwight Summers becomes Catman after his wife and daughter are murdered by a cult member.

The Earth Is Flat
Matthew Landsman discovers that the Earth is, in reality, flat and becomes mixed up with some shady characters and dangerous politics.

Vol. 1: The Man of Tomorrow
Alix Kincaid is recruited by Dmitri Sylvester into his team of government sanctioned superheroes--alongisde America, Agent Spider, Geo-Whiz, and Smoke--as Superkitten. Their first public mission is bringing down a man who is made into a cybernetic killing machine by the U.S. government.

Vol. 2: The Return of Supercat
Kon arrives in New York to take over the world. Can the team defeat Kon when he also has the super-team of Rodham, Grunge, and Supercat, who was discovered trapped in another dimension and has no memory of his past life as a hero.

Superkitten and her teammates become a real superhero team and face off against Senestro, Cattarah, and Mrs. S. They also meet another team, CBX.

Vol. 1: Along Came Aaron
In the first three issues, Aaron begins working at the Tank N Tummy and the annual picnic drives Dominic crazy.

Collecting 18 issues, Dominic, Ryan, and Aaron continue working at their convenience store while also dealing with their friend, MaryJane, getting very sick, their high school reunion, being single-white-female'd by a talking car, and much more.

Zoe Bleak: The Complete Series
Magician Zoe Bleak and her girlfriend, Vanessa Spader, are tasked with raising and protecting 14-year-old Winnie who is the next incarnation of Christ.