Collected Editions

Enjoy selected collected editions of Story Series that ran on Tauy Creek in handy-dandy chronological order. More series will be added as they are completed. Keep checking back for updates.

Catman: The Order of St. Constantin
Dwight Summers becomes Catman after his wife and daughter are murdered by a cult member.

The Earth Is Flat
Matthew Landsman discovers that the Earth is, in reality, flat and becomes mixed up with some shady characters and dangerous politics.

Vol. 1: The Man of Tomorrow
Alix Kincaid is recruited by Dmitri Sylvester into his team of government sanctioned superheroes--alongisde America, Agent Spider, Geo-Whiz, and Smoke--as Superkitten. Their first public mission is bringing down a man who is made into a cybernetic killing machine by the U.S. government.

Vol. 2: The Return of Supercat
Kon arrives in New York to take over the world. Can the team defeat Kon when he also has the super-team of Rodham, Grunge, and Supercat, who was discovered trapped in another dimension and has no memory of his past life as a hero.

Vol. 1: Along Came Aaron
In the first three issues, Aaron begins working at the Tank N Tummy and the annual picnic drives Dominic crazy.

Zoe Bleak: The Complete Series
Magician Zoe Bleak and her girlfriend, Vanessa Spader, are tasked with raising and protecting 14-year-old Winnie who is the next incarnation of Christ.