Sunday, July 07, 2024

The Other Team's Coach Also Tells His Players to Move In

We're going back to look at the short-lived Golden Age comic book character, The Cat Man by June Tarpé Mills. This story is taken from his first appearance in Amazing Man #5 in 1939. I like the premise of the story and it gave us this amazing quote pictured here. There's also some old Sunday comics for you and Gladys in a horrible "Super Mom" sweatshirt.

May 18, 1986
Veeblefester's tennis partner broke his hip? He'll be dead within months. I used to be pretty good at tennis. I think it was mostly because I took it seriously while most everybody else in high school goofed around. Is Brutus confusing tennis with another sport or does he and Wilberforce not play with a net?

Hey! Veeblefester knows/remembers that Wilberforce is Brutus' kid!

For some reason, I figured today would be a rerun. I love Brutus' skepticism and concern in the next to last panel. "Really? In what context?" You are not ambidextrous and definitely favor your right hand. Do I need to have a talk with this coach? Is this how I'm going to spend my Sunday? Beating up a pervert?

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