Sunday, December 20, 2020

Gladvent Calendar

It's time for another Captain Kid adventure! Since the last time we saw Captain Kid, he apparently has been afflicted with whatever disease Popeye has that makes his forearms and shins abnormally large.

It also looks like his hands have some kind of reverse-vitaligo. Maybe he's just wearing gloves but it's very strange looking.

"Oh, Captain Kid, take my hand. Ugh, your hand is all leathery. Is that a leather mitten or has your hand died and somehow atrophied into this?"

There may not be such things as ghosts but clearly there are such things as demon gremlins.

It's probably just some guy in a costume trying to commit real estate fraud. It happens a lot.

Captain Kid has the same discoloration on his feet. Matching mittens and boots? Still strange.

I am already on board with this villain. I can't wait until he twists the head off of Captain Kid.

No one has ever heard of the Ogre of Haunted Mansion? You would think that would come up when talking about Swatsville. "Yes, yes. Here is our historic city hall, the old waistshirt building, the veteran's park, and the haunted mansion. It has an ogre, you know. Now, the pizza place does a pizza in the likeness of the ogre..."

That piece of fabric doesn't really do a good job covering up his bits. Makes me wonder why the artist even bothered drawing it.

What's Captain Kid going to do? Clearly wallow in self-despair. Our hero, ladies and gentlemen.

The ogre is going to cook Betty Mae in the fireplace? Is he going to skewer her like you do when you roast a pig?

Is it me or could Betty Mae get out of those ropes pretty easily?

Now you've done it you big, mean ogre! Captain Kid now has a knife!

Oh, it is a man. And the big reveal is over in just three pages.

Oh, cool. And it looks like he's a racist caricature of an Asian person. That's always good.

If we've learned anything from our last story, Captain Kid hates snakes. At least these snakes kind of dangerous unlike the cute things we saw before.
Aww. So cute. This art is so much better as well.

That's not much of a pit of someone is just able to jump out of it.

So Captain Kid can jump out of that pit but this guy can't? What?

This guy couldn't tell the difference between water and oil? I thought the oil was underneath the town or underneath the creek at least. No, this moron literally thought there was river of oil going through the town? If that's true then he deserved to die.

And the story is over. That was quick. Funny that the kids learned about the "oil" and were like "well, we'll just take it!"

I'm always confused by young characters who have girlfriends but get embarrassed or confused when their girlfriends kiss them. That's what you do, you donks. Especially when you save them from being cooked and a pit of snakes.

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Yes, yes, Gladys couldn't not eat the chocolate in the advent calendar. We all saw that coming. That is one festive tree. I love it. There's ornaments, lights, stars, and gingerbread men. It's such a nice color of green as well. Today's comic strip is a nice, colorful, and refreshing respite after the awfulness that was the Captain Kid comic.