Saturday, November 07, 2020

Charles and Mahala Munns


Mahala Munns was born Mahala Silliman in New Genegus, Illinois on July 13, 1872. She then moved with her parents to Nevada, Iowa where she attended school, even attending the State College in Ames where she met Charles K. Munns. They married in Nevada on June 24, 1890 and had two children: Clyde Silliman Munns (1898 - 1936) and Lois (1899-2002).

Mahala had a sister, Alice, who married Alexander Jeffrey. The Jeffrey's lived in Topeka where Mahala would visit often. For several months leading to her death, Mahala suffered from a tumor and had two surgeries in Omaha. She died at her sister's home in Topeka on December 22, 1922, and, surprisingly, Mount Hope Cemetery in Topeka was chosen for Mahala's final resting place.

Charles K. Munns was born in April 1871 in Corning, Iowa. After the death of Mahala, Charles married Cora Alice Hill in 1924. She died in March of 1949. Charles died in Corning on February 17, 1962 and was brought to Topeka for burial.

Mount Hope Cemetery, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas