Sunday, May 05, 2019

Late Sunday

Harry "A" Chesler started a publishing company in either 1935 or 1936 to test the waters of comic book publishing. Chesler hired many of the comic book writers and artists who would essentially create the Golden Age of Comic Books and Chesler would routinely throw whatever work and whatever books against the wall to see what would stick. He would often quip that the "A" stood for "anything."

Aside from his own titles, which depending on the year, could number 75, Chesler also published the books for 50 other publishers. This is according to Chesler himself so the number may be an exaggeration. According to reports, Chesler was active in publishing through the 1940s, was reorganized in the 1950s and apparently published a few black and white Marvel Comics magazines in the mid-1970s. Chesler passed away in 1981.

Major Victory was an unnamed soldier who was blinded and set on fire by a saboteur. Father Patriot brought him back to life and decided to use him to help battle anyone who wanted to put an end to America. Father Patriot would ring the Liberty Bell and Major Victory would fly into action. Major Victory had no superpowers other than being brought back from the dead. Major Victory would appear in three issues of Dynamic Comics and three issues of Major Victory Comics.

The origins of Columbus are sketchy but we're pretty sure he was born in Genoa possibly in 1451. He married Filipa Moniz Perestrelo and while we don't know the exact year, his son Diego was born in 1479 or 1480 so they may have gotten married before that. Columbus died in 1506 at roughly the age of 54. He was initially buried in Valladolid, Spain but was reinterred in Seville. He was then moved to Havana, Cuba and then back to Seville. Remains identified as Christopher Columbus were found in Santo Domingo but DNA evidence says his remains are in Seville. The Santo Domingo remains have not been exhumed.

What we definitely know is that that Columbus discovered things that had already been discovered, raped and pillaged innocent natives, and died horribly of a gonorrhea-related illness. Yet, we continue to honor him for some reason.

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Maybe if Brutus would actually go watch his kid play, he'd know how Wilberforce's pitching is coming along.

Brutus is looking at us like it's our fault that Wilberforce is alive and ignorant of common phrases. There better be an unseen mirror between you and us, Brutus, because you only have yourself to blame.