Sunday, January 06, 2019

Working Weekend

Appanoose was small town located right on the county line between Douglas and Franklin County about eight miles east of Overbrook. A post office was established in 1857 in Franklin County and at some point moved to Douglas County before closing in 1860. The post office reopened in 1870 and closed permanently in 1902.

The Appanoose Church of the Brethren was built around 1886 in Franklin County. It served the surrounding area of both Franklin and Douglas counties. It even grew big enough to get members from another nearby church. The congregation declined in the middle of the 20th Century when children grew up, left the family farms, and got jobs in the city. Regular services ended in 1972 and the congregation was formally disorganized in 1980. The church was recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places with the nearby Appanoose Cemetery as a contributing property. The Kansas Historic Resource Inventory has some great pictures of the inside.

Appanoose Cemetery, across from the Brethren Church in Douglas County.
Appanoose School, built in 1919, a new school was built directly behind it and is now
consolidated with the Pomona School District. This building now serves as a museum.
The Appanoose Baptist Church, built in 1877. The bell tower was built in 1900.
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This is what I do with my students. "I don't know how to spell!" "Well, do your best and then do spell check and it'll fix it for you." And then either they spell so atrociously that spell check doesn't know what they are trying to say or the kids pick the wrong word to correct their mistake with.

I'm gonna give a shout-out to the color in today's strip. I like that yellow used on the background.