Thursday, August 10, 2017

Supercomics #4

The nation awoke to the sight of Columbus, Ohio no longer there. Harris, now calling himself Cybernet, hijacked missiles and launched them at the city. The Senator’s house that he was staying in was spared since it was on the outskirts of town but a good portion of Columbus was reduced to smoldering rubble.

“We know where he is now,” Dmitri said. “Senator King’s house just outside of Columbus.” A picture of it came onto the screen.

“The military has given us,” he stressed “120 minutes to go in and take Harris down.”

“We’ve seen what he’s capable of,” America said. “Why not just nuke the son of a bitch?”

“Seriously?” Alix scoffed. “Nuking him would render what’s left of Columbus and everything in a 50 mile radius around it inhabitable. And there’s no guarantee it would even kill Cybernet.”

“Harris,” Geo-Whiz corrected. “Don’t give him the satisfaction of the name.”

“Sorry, I forgot. Having these names is pretty cool,” Alix giggled.

“We have 120 minutes to get in and get out? What will they do if we go over that time or don’t come out at all?” Agent Spider asked.

“They’re going to nuke the son of a bitch,” Dmitri answered.

“Something is coming,” Tillerson said, looking at a screen that showed America, Superkitten, Geo-Whiz, and everyone else arriving.

“Is it the military?” Cybernet asked.

“No, it looks like just five people. They think five people will stop us?”

“You know what to do, Tillerson.” Cybernet, now uninterested, turned away.

“Tillerson is dead,” he grumbled. “I am Smasher now!”

“That’s great,” Cybernet sighed. “Make this quick.”

Everyone arrived at the house. “So, what do we do? Do we just rush in? Do you think they have traps or something?” Agent Spider asked.

“Just go,” America growled and smashed through the front door.

“I guess we’ll just walk on in,” Superkitten said.

America, Agent Spider, Superkitten, and Geo-Whiz went into the house. Smoke stayed out in the jet to monitor the time and make sure they were out before the army launched the nuke or if Cybernet tried to escape. They took a few steps into the house when Smasher came around the corner.

“Of course he has a henchman,” America said. “I think we need to split up. Geo, Kitten, you get past...Smasher...and find Cybernet.”

“Okay. We can do that,” Geo-Whiz aimed his hands at the floor and used the dirt to knock Smasher out of the way. “We’ll stop Cybernet.”

“Cybernet can handle those kids,” Smasher scoffed. “I’d rather play with the big boys anyway.”

Smasher began charging at America. “Seriously?” Agent Spider exclaimed. “Him? Is it because of his American flag costume?” Spider shot his webs at Smasher. When they attached, he pulled on them and Smasher flew toward him and landed hard on the floor.

“It doesn’t matter who they attack first, Spider,” America said. “Just keep him down.”

Agent Spider shot more web at Smasher, attaching him to the floor. Smasher struggled to stand back up. He was able to rip some of the webbing off but more replaced it. America stormed over and struck Smasher with his fist. Smasher was ripped from the floor and flew across the room and through the wall.

Smasher immediately stood back up and charged at America who handedly dodged the large beast. Agent Spider couldn’t dodge in time and so was knocked down but America was over with him quickly and again punching Smasher as hard as he could. Smasher took grabbed America’s head and threw him back across the room. Smasher stood back up and grabbed Agent Spider in a giant bear hug and squeezed

“I will crush both of you,” he said.

Agent Spider heard his spine crack and pop. He aimed his web shooter at Smasher and then blasted some webbing into his face. America then ran up, tackling Smasher and taking Smasher and Agent Spider down together.

Smasher let go of Agent Spider and tried to attack America. America kept striking Smasher. Finally, Smasher was able to knock America away. Smasher stood up, his face bruised and twisted with anger. He clenched his fists and screamed “Die!” then collapsed onto the floor, unmoving.

Agent Spider rocked Smasher with his foot and when it was clear Smasher was down for the count, began trapping Smasher to the floor with his webbing. “That was a lot harder than I thought it was be,” Agent Spider exhaled sharply.

“I wonder how Superkitten and Geo-Whiz are doing,” America wondered.

“I don’t know but we should hurry after them. If we had trouble with this guy I can’t imagine what they might be going through with Cybernet.”