Monday, March 20, 2017

Incredible Comics #15

The experimental airplane was to make its journey from Golden City, where the prototype was built, to Chicago and then Kansas City, Denver, Las Vegas, and, finally, Los Angeles. Aboard the plane were about two dozen people including Senators from Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, Colorado, Nevada, and California, reporters from Golden City, Chicago, and Los Angeles and the people that made the plane possible. From the Golden City Herald, reporter Ronald Kent and photographer Gail Porter sat in the fifth row of seats. Gail had taken pictures of just about everything imaginable despite only one or two pictures actually going to be used.

The flight from Golden City to Chicago had gone well and, so far, Chicago to Kansas City had gone just as smooth. Until it didn’t. Over the town of Duquesne, Iowa, one of the props had gone out and the plane began losing altitude. Working in the fields, Harold Banner saw what was happening. He only had seconds to act. Harold ran into the house and to an upstairs bedroom. Inside a desk drawer, Harold took out a small sundial and slipped it on his wrist. His regular clothes were replaced with a bright blue and gold uniform with a gold cowl and cape. He then set the sundial and everything stopped, except for him.

As Time Man, he flew out of the house and toward the failing plane. He positioned himself under the plane, ready to catch it and glide it down for a safe landing. He unfroze time and took hold of the plane. He gently floated the plane down into a field and everyone on board began exiting. Gail began taking picture after picture of their savior.

Overwhelmed by the people from the plane and a gathering crowd from town, Time Man flew away. “We need to get this news and pictures back to the Herald as soon as possible,” Ronald said to Gail. “After more than a year, Time Man is back.”

“I don’t see what the problem is,” Ellie said to Harold at dinner. “Do you want to become Time Man again?”

“Yes and no. I loved being Time Man but I love the life that we have here.”

“You can’t be Time Man in Duquesne?”

“I could but I’d be of better use in Golden City.”

“We could go back. You still have the Fix-It Shop. We could live upstairs until we found a place.”

“Do you want to go back?”

“I’m happy here,” Ellie said, and she took a bite of food. “But I was happy in Golden City, too.”

Resnicek’s Fix-It Shop looked just like Harold left it a year ago. He unlocked the front door and he and Ellie, who was carrying Maggie, went inside. Again, everything was exactly how Harold left it. “We can look for a bed later and redo the upstairs to make it more homey. We’ll need to because there’s nothing like a kitchen up there or a bathroom or anything like that.”

“We’ll figure it out. We always do,” she gave Harold’s cheek a peck. “But first, you should let Golden City that you’re back.”

“Are you sure? I mean, we just got here. We have work to do around here,” Harold said.

“Just go,” Ellie smiled.

Harold took the wrist sundial out of his pocket and slipped it on his wrist. He turned into Time Man and then went upstairs, through the roof access and out over the city. “Hello, Golden City,” he said. “I’m back.”