Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Comic Comics 214

I'm going to start forgoing titles for Comic Comics posts because most of the time, I can never figure out a good one, a funny one, or a clever one. It's just easier on everyone involved if I just start numbering the posts.

Hi and Lois
I don't get my news from the TV because I don't want to be told how terrible of a place the world is. I don't see it like that and I'm baffled why so many other people do. I prefer newspapers or online where I can a variety of news and disseminate it myself. After the election of Donald Trump, my family even bought subscriptions to several newspapers (including my local one) because we're going to need news now more than ever and outlets like the News-Herald will need all the help they can get.

 Dennis the Menace
Why are you asking what Dennis wants for dinner? It's clear that you have already made dinner and that everyone is sitting down to eat it. You know what I want for dinner? You to quit being a teasing bitch, Alice.

So Heart-Throb's first job is only going to last a week. Good to know.

The Amazing Spider-Man
I don't understand why so many outer space villains refer to Earth as being primitive. Look, I'm sorry that we don't have magical tuning forks but at least we aren't constantly at war with every single planet like you guys usually are.