Wednesday, March 11, 2015

1148: Confused About Bed Rest, Walking to School and Marital Spats

We have a teacher at our school who is in her late-thirties, early-forties and she's pregnant. She's due any day now and she's still teaching and going up and down the stairs, etc. and it got me wondering about 'bed rest.' I know that every pregnancy is different and every woman and doctor is different but it's because I'm an ignorant man is the reason I'm asking. Getting pregnant over the age of 35 automatically puts the pregnancy at high risk so bed rest should be expected. If she was told to go on bed rest she is not following doctor's orders or she's trying to hold on until spring break which starts next week. Meanwhile, I've known women younger and healthier get put on bed rest for the entire last trimester and all their job did was require them to sit down and take phone calls. I've already read several websites explaining bed rest, when it is prescribed, how to get through it, blah blah blah so I guess I've already answered my question by reading those sites and through the third sentence. Or the teacher at school is some sort of Amazonian goddess which I would actually believe.

When I was in elementary school, the school I went to from Kindergarten to fourth grade was two and a half miles away. They then built a new school closer to me that I went to for fifth grade--it was within walking distance but I still rode the bus most of the time. Couldn't do that now since you now have to live more than two and a half miles from your school in order to receive transportation which limits greatly who gets to ride a bus especially when you redraw boundaries so that most every kid lives within those two and a half miles.

How long does a typical Brutus-Gladys fight last? I'm guessing about three days which seems like a long time for a couple married as long as Brutus and Gladys. Maybe they're doing marriage wrong.