Friday, October 31, 2014

990: I Mean, Seriously, Columbus Day?!!

As you may have noticed, I am taking a small hiatus from The Point of Beginning for a couple of weeks. I'm trying to get a bunch of writing done and posts queued up here before doing the randomness that is POB. I'm hoping to get new stuff posted here sometime in November but I'm trying to work up a backlog so I don't have to worry about it as much. In the meantime, hope you're still okay with The Born Loser.

At least he's not texting and driving. But I guess that wouldn't matter since Veeblefester has a chauffeur. Also, Veeblefester is a rich, white man who would be able to hire a bunch of lawyers who could make it so he'd only serve maybe community service if he happened to hit a stupid child who couldn't move out of the way of his speeding car.

We have enough holidays we get time off for, Wilberforce. We seriously need to readjust our federal holiday calendar.