Monday, October 13, 2014

975: No Money, Mo Problems

Let's not turn this into a big thing. LAMNB is back, continuing the run started back in 2008. Since regular updates to Whiz Bang, Adventure and 16th & Mass are going to be sporadic as heck the first couple of months, I've decided to bring LAMNB back. I know you are excited.

It's too bad that Brutus didn't get his raise Grab the putter, Brutus. but that's the way of business. Beat Veeblefester over the head with it. Tea cozies just haven't rebounded since the recession. Pull down his pants and shove that golf ball inside him as far as you can. Luckily, you still get cost-of-living and regularly scheduled raises. Use the handle of the club if you need to--make him feel that ball in his esophagus.