Monday, July 14, 2014

And No, I'm Not Going to Mention the Physically Impossible Way That the Tennis Ball Bounced Off Brutus' Head and Around the Door

When I read this last night I actually chuckled at it but upon looking at it again this afternoon I have to say something about this. Notice that the door opens into Veeblefester's office. That's all well and good, I have to problem with that. It's the placement of Veeblefester's name on the door that bothers me. Either Veeblefester had "The Office of R.W. Veeblefester" etched into both sides of the door (thereby notifying people they are entering his office and, as they leave, reminding them that money talks and Veeblefester has all the money) or Brutus is actually leaving Veeblefester's office and meeting Veeblefester in the hallway.